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'Retouching & Workflow' Actions

In the 'Retouching & Workflow' part of Pro Photoshop Actions, you'll see a brief description of retouching actions used for editing Fashion and Beauty Portraits etc and learn how and when to use them.

Fashion Portrait Retouch:

This action will guide you through the workflow to retouch a fashion portrait. It will select the brushes and layers automatically and tell you how and when to smooth skin, remove wrinkles/veins, work on texture and liquify. This is a very useful tool for those getting into retouching. The technique is in here, but practice will make you perfect.

Glamour Retouch:

This action is based on the inverted highpass technique and is very easy and quick way to get smooth skin with texture. See the video here on how it is used. You can use it just by itself or along with other workflow actions like we have shown in the video.

Beauty Retouch Pro:

This action is designed for professional beauty portrait retouching. It is based on the frequency separation technique, where you can work on the skin texture and the underlying skin color tone separately. This action gives you total control in retouching skin. You can easily clean the color 'blotchiness' of skin without harming the texture of the skin. Take a look at the difference in the smoothness of skin retouched with 'Glamour Retouch' action and then with 'Beauty Retouch Pro' action.

Besides, this action is packed with wrinkle/vein remover, facial hair lightening, adding even skin texture....all in one workflow. It may sound to much, but all you have to do is a few paint strokes and the action will take care of the rest.

This action has three versions:
'Beauty Retouch Pro 12' should be used for 8-15 megapixel sized image in 8 bit mode.
'Beauty Retouch Pro 22' should be used for 16-22 megapixel sized image in 8 bit mode.
'Beauty Retouch Pro 22/16' should be used for 16-22 megapixel sized image in 16 bit mode.(for professionals)

Skin Texture:

This action as shown in the video here adds fine and even skin texture which you have to paint in. You need not use it with 'Beauty Retouch Pro' action as these steps are already integrated in it. This action works fine after 'Glamour Retouch' action. 

'Facial Hair Lightening':

This action is also shown in the second part of the above linked video. Use it by itself or after 'Glamour Retouch' action. The 'Beauty Retouch Pro' has this action integrated in its workflow.

'Wrinkle/Vein Removal':

This action is also shown in the above linked video. Use it by itself or after 'Glamour Retouch' action. The 'Beauty Retouch Pro' has this action integrated in its workflow and will guide you when to do it. 

'Eyes & Teeth Brightener':

Like the name suggests, it creates an adjustment layer for you to paint the eye balls/teeth a brighter shade. Also, it creates another adjustment layer to paint the eyelashes/eyebrows a bit darker so they stand out much more.

'White Skin Mask':

This is a very useful tool which creates a special channel in the hue/saturation adjustment layer only to affect the rskin color. You can use it subtly to make skin lighter in shade, change the hue, desaturate it or go creative with it as shown above.

There are some other actions in this section which do what the name suggests:
Dodge & Burn: Creates a dodge and burn layer for you to paint in highlights and shadows.

Split Edge Sharpening: Sharpens the edges of details and splits it into darks and lights which can be toned with the opacity individually.

Split Contrast: This action creates luminosity contrast masks for shadows and highlights of the image.

High Pass Sharpen: A popular sharpening technique.

Luminosity Masks:

This is a very important action to work on specific areas of brightness in an image. It gives a lot of control in editing. The luminosity mask creates 7 masks as seen in the image above in the 'Channels' tab. You can Ctrl/Cmnd+ click on any of these channels to make a selection of that particular luminosity.

Contrast Mask:

The Contrast Mask action masks the high contrast areas for you to control(total control!) the contrast. It is a very useful tool to fill in shadows.

Neutral Density:

This action works like an ND filter and much more. Unlike the traditional Neutral Density filter, this action targets only the blues and greens to darken it, while reds and oranges are made lighter.

This action is perfect for shots of  people in a natural environment with vast skies and greenery etc. This action  gives the similar look of 'Overpower the Sun' action, but in one click.

This action helps you neutralize the density of reds and blues in these kind of images. Take a look at yet another example below.

We have two free actions you can get from our Facebook page here.

Tone Equalizer: This is a very useful action to shift the highlights and shadows in the image. Try it to see what it does. You can control the intensity with the opacity slider. See an example below.

Extreme USM: One of the oldest trick in the book of using extreme values of unsharp mask to achieve very fine sharpening. The sharpened dark and white areas can be controlled individually with the opacity slider.

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