Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Basic Skin Retouching Actions

In this first video tutorial of the Retouching and Workflow section of Pro Photoshop Actions, we show you how easy it is to get realistic looking skin in 15 mins flat. The video is recorded in real time and divided into three parts. The actions used are 'Glamour Retouch', 'Skin Texture', 'Facial Hair Lightening', 'White Skin Mask', 'Eyes/Teeth Brightener' and little 'Dodge&Burn'.

Part 1

The actions used in Part 1 are:

'Glamour Retouch': This action is a quick way to achieve smooth skin with realistic texture compared to the more advanced 'Beauty Retouch Pro' action(video coming soon). This action is based on the inverted highpass technique, a very popular way many pros use for skin retouching.

Part 2

The actions used in Part 2 are:

'Facial Hair Lightening': This is a simplified action to lighten facial/peach hair on skin. You can also use this for removing hot spots and blend dark/light spots with skin. Take a look at the details below.

'Skin Texture': This action adds skin texture using available data from the image. This action won't work if the skin is absolutely flat. After amplifying the skin texture, it automatically evens it out and creates a mask for you to paint in the texture. The action even selects the brush for you. Just dial in the opacity, choose the brush size and paint on.

Part 3

The actions used in Part 3 are

'Eyes/Teeth Brightener': This action creates masks with auto settings for you to paint on the teeth/eye balls to make it brighter and stand out. It also creates another mask for you to darken eyeliner/eyelashes etc.

'White Skin Mask': This action creates a custom red channel using Hue/Saturation adjustments layer. With this tool you can make the skin ghost white or subtly increase the brightness.

'Dodge&Burn': This action creates two masked layer for you to paint on. Use the 'Dodge' layer to brighten selective areas, and 'Burn' layer to darken areas. We have used this tool very subtly in this video.

Take a look at the Before/After of the image in the video:

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