Sunday, February 27, 2011

'Color & Tone' Actions Part 3

In the final part of 'Color and Tone' effects of Pro Photoshop Actions we take you behind the scenes of 12 more actions. All these actions are variations of pastel shades and haze. These actions work very well on wedding/couple images, children and outdoor fashion in daylight.


The 'Haze' action is the most versatile of the lot and works well with all genres of images shot in daylight. This along with the rest below, are all 'one click' actions.


'Mist' is a cooler version of haze, and looks nice on portraits on streets or a city backdrop.


'Pastel' adds a young, fresh and innocent feel to the image. Starting point should be an image of teenagers or kids shot in soft natural light. 'Pastel' does the rest. 


'Blush' is great with young brides and images which have decent 'bokeh' (out-of-focus background) in them.


'Dreams' is a cooler version of blush and works best on the same subjects.


'Peach' works best with images of kids growing up. It adds a great sense of nostalgia to the photograph. Like all the other actions, each layer is individually editable, and the effect can be toned down or manipulated.


'Cream' is another variation of the Blush action. The midtones are slightly warmer here. Applications remain the same as Blush.

Cookies n' Cream:

As you can see in the above image, the highlights are covered with white cream and the shadows are similar to a dark chocolate cookie. There is a hint of color with the help of a luminosity mask in the mix. This action is a wedding photographers toy.

Baby Pink:

The 'Baby Pink' action is specifically designed to give a soft pink skin tone. Pictures of babies should be the primary target with this action. You can also use it for beauty shots of models. Take a look at another example below.

Morning Glory:

'Morning Glory' gives a soft golden haze to the image, mimicking the quality of very early morning sunlight. This action works well with outdoor shots of all genres, from fashion to kids and weddings.

Golden Hour:

'Golden Hour' bathes the image with the same golden light you would get - one hour after sunrise or before sunset. Take a look at another example below.

Moon Light:

Like the name suggests, this action simulates hours of long exposure under moon light. There is no rule with this action so you can be creative with it.


This action gives a turquoise blue tint to the shadows and midtones of the image.


The 'Candy' action adds sweet colors to the images especially in the dark shadow areas.


The Periwinkle action adds a saturation boost to the blues/cyan in the shadows and all colors in midtones except the reds. The reds is given a saturation boost of magenta. These colors can be toned down to taste with the opacity slider for a more natural look. Another example below.

Dark Night:

Inspired by the colors of the Batman movie 'The Dark Knight', this action gives a dark look of mystery comic books. 

Black Coffee:

Imagine an image soaked in Black Coffee. That is what this action is for. 


Gives the image a warm look of summer.


Gives the image the cold look of winter.

Rain Forest:

This action adds contrast in the shadows to give the fresh and dark look of a cloudy rain forest.

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