Friday, September 17, 2010

Raw Talk: Big Light vs Small 'Strobist' Light

Lighting plays an important part in photography and everyone starts somewhere. There are various types of lights  from camera strobes, studio flashes of various watts/sec, H.M.I's etc. All these light sources have their strength and weakness. Everyone has to begin somewhere and i chose to use camera strobes off camera firing it with an infrared trigger or connecting it with a long pc cord. This was in 1998. Enter 2006, and this off camera technique was brought to photo enthusiasts in the form a phenomenal photo blog 'strobist', with new ways of radio triggering the flash....making it a very portable lighting system. There seems to be quite an argument that studio lights are better than the strobist approach and vice versa. Is one system better than the other? Find out how well small Speedlights compare to powerful studio flashes.