Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Case Study: Melissa Rodwell

In the last post we discussed the use of a single light. Here is a second opinion from someone who knows the fashion industry so well than most of us know a camera. She is pretty, experienced and extremely talented Melissa Rodwell, also the author of the This is a case study of her post 'One Big Beautiful Light'.

We have been a big fan of her fashion photography blog and here we show her simple and organic approach to lighting and the remarkable hi fashion results.

Take a look at her post here.

Melissa has done a detailed explanation to whatever you would need to know. She has used a Elinchrom Deepthroat Octagonal Softbox for the entire series.

Elinchrom EL 26185 Rotalux 39-Inch Deep Throat Octagonal Softbox with 2 Diffusers

 Her light is placed at a 45deg angle and 6feet away from the model and to camera right. The model is 4feet from the white seamless. The light covers the entire body of the model, and also casts slight shadow on the background. We have said it many times before that a photographer is as good as its weakest link. Melissa confirms this by using the best talent to work with.....from hair/makeup, the stylist and the model. In her words "Again, I cannot empathize it enough how important my crew is. Having the best model, hair stylist, make up artist and wardrobe stylist is tantamount to having a successful fashion shoot."

Now, take a look at this video tutorial from her:

Spring Fashion Editorial from Melissa Rodwell on Vimeo.

Here Melissa creates the same magic with a beuty dish with a grid on it. Some of the most prominent photographers in the industry always exclusively are only interested in what is in front of the camera.

Take your time looking at some of her other videos on the blog, and if you are into fashion, there is so much stuff to read there about the business, the lifestyle etc prepared to lose a couple of hours easily.

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