Friday, December 25, 2009

Case Study: Ftv Shoot

A quick case study of what went in creating this image for Ftv India. See the lighting setup and the toning effects used for the final image. The model was shot in the studio and the knives were shot seperately. This complete shoot was done using just one light! See more details inside...


As you can see, the lighting setup is fairly simple. We used one big softbox on a boom stand right on top of the models head at a 45deg angle facing her. Initially, we were planning to use a fill light, but the spread of the softbox, which had an extra layer of diffuser inside was just about right for the desired effect. The knives (actually just one knife) was shot seperately from top in different angles. The light was the same but a smaller softbox kept in a fixed angle. The camera settings are F16 at 1/250 sec and ISO100.


The cutout of the knife shots were done with a lasso tool, and placed in layers above the main image. The foot rest on which the model was standing was cloned out and and basic cleaning was done on the models image. The layes were merged and the colours were de saturated using the hue and saturation tool, and a tint of cyan was give to the overall final image. 

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